Do Corporate Events count as Corporate Gifts?

Corporate Events seems like a quintessential part of a business. Having and hosting a corporate event can do one of many things from advertising the business, selling the business, scouting potential clients and investors or even just for the sake of the internal company affairs. But are corporate events considered to be corporate gifts? The answer is based on a few factors.


  1. What is the event?


There are a plethora of reasons why a business is hosting an event, therefore it is important to know that based on the event and what it is : it can be considerate as a corporate gift. When is it considered as a corporate gift? If the event is an internal affairs event. This refers to the event being held only for the company’s employees, clients, partners and investors (and no external personnel such as prospective clients, the public). Usually this is seen as like an office holiday party or even an office appreciation ceremony.


  1. Who is the event for?


This question goes hand in hand with the question prior. The event usually has a targeted audience. If the event is conducted in order to gain brand awareness, and has invited members of the public and outsourced personnel (that are not workers of the company), then it is most likely targeted for the public. In this case, this event is most likely not a corporate event unless there are corporate gifts being handed out. Corporate gifts being handed out (whether it be door gifts or in swag bags) are still an opportunity for corporate gift distribution. With that being said, it can be safe to consider this a corporate gift.


  1. Why is the event happening?


Just like any corporate gift, it is important to note the objective of the event. With that being said, the same rules apply. If the event is seen more favorable as a bribe or under-the-counter transaction, then it is not a corporate gift (not ethically).  


It is important to comprehend that on this basis of corporate events being corporate gifts, that they have different and specific rules set by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in USA. In other countries, it important to contact the necessary and relevant people to ask if the corporate event is applicable for tax or not.

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