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Features & Specifications:Compatible With Lightning, Micro & Type CSpeed up to 2.1A, Fast ChargingWarranty: 6 months..
Short and multi-tasking 3 n 1 mobile cable. No more tangles or excess cable while charging on the go.Can be use also in charging 2 different device at a time                                       ..
Standard Battery, Smart Watch, Microphone, EarphoneOutput:5V/3A3 in 1/4 in 1Type:All In One, Magnetic, Wireless, charging base standSupport:multi-port&rotation designUse for:Office, bedside tables, kitchen..
Super Bright Light Up Logo - (Up To 3 Colours)Ultra Slim & Feather WeightCERTIFIED: CE, FCC, RoHS-------------------------------------------------------------------------Product Information:Material: ABSColour: Black | Other Colours Make To OrderWeight: 62gDimension: 9.0cm x 9.0cm x 0.9cmPackagi..
The LED illuminated logo display brings your brand the attention it deserves.With its hi-power double USB port 2100 mA power output you can easily charge two high power demanding devices like tablets at once.Size: 35 x 75 x 15 mm• LED illuminated logo display• Double USB 2100 mA power output• Safety..
Features:- Retractable 2in1 cable (Micro USB, Lightning)- Cable length: 90 cm- Function: Charging and data transmission..
3 in 1 Cable2.1A Fast ChargeMicro, Lightning & USB-C OutputConnect To 3 Devices At The Same TimeMaterial: AcrylicWeight: 27glength : 15cmProduct Warranty: 6 Months..
The LED illuminated ring brings your brand the attention it deserves.Available in: economic 1000 mA and hi-power 2100 mA double USB power output.Size: 70 x 30 x 25 mm • Logo Size: 25 x 18 mm (oval shape)• LED illuminated logo ring.• Double USB 1000mA or 2100mA power output.• Safety x 2: Fuse &a..
Comfortable 135 degree angle- using the phone at the same time does not affect the charge- Comfortable angle to browsing or watch moviesSensing distance up to 8 mm- compatible with protective coverHigh power (10W)- Dual-coil both inside and outside- Up to 2A input which is equivalent to straight plu..
It is hard to imagine living without USB devices these days. Whether a smartphone, tablet or e-book reader, USB powered devices have become permanent fixtures in every household.Glow is the definitive solution to keep you charged combined with a comfortable night light as well. Now that’s a bright i..
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