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    Travel Adapter

    Brand: SKROSS
    This all-rounder is perfect for travellers from all over the world who mainly travel with USB devices.• 2x USB ports enable simultaneous charging of your smartphone and tablet, while the adapter can be used with an unearthed device at the same time• Applicable worldwide: USA, Japan, Australia, China..
    Multiple device charging with 2 USB hub with Smart charge up to 2.4A quick Charge. Adapter can be used over more than 150 countries in the world. Coverts most international plugs to fit your needs...
    Solution for your worldwide travelling .This will  connect for power supply of your devises.  Can be use in UK, Australia, USA or in Europe..
    Brand: SKROSS
    This genius charger for British socket standards makes your life easier! It is a must-have for everyone whose daily companions are phone, tablet & Co.!• Enables 4 USB devices to be charged simultaneously• Charges smartphones, tablets and any other USB devices in over 50 countries around the worl..
    Brand: SKROSS
    No matter if smartphone, tablet, camera, e-reader or power bank: the list of USB devices we take on vacation seems endless. This allrounder can be a real lifesaver since it is applicable in more than 220 countries!• Can charge 2 USB devices simultaneously• Ideal for charging all your USB devices wor..
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