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Lanyards are a simple but effective way to identify oneself as a member of an organization or company. It is standard practice to use lanyards to show badges or identification cards, particularly in circumstances where security is required. At MH Global, we are the most reputable custom lanyard supplier in Malaysia, and our custom lanyards come in different colors, allowing you to pick the one that is ideally suited to your requirements. You can also customize the lanyards to suit your needs and preferences. This  will make it easier for your customers to identify their employees from others when they visit your business establishment or office building. As one of the most trusted custom lanyard suppliers in Malaysia, we can meet all of your custom lanyard needs at wholesale prices.

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Your ID  Card and Usb in one while carrying around at work or at school. Secure your important  data’s wherever you go. Portable and lightweight. Plug and play. Suitable for PC, Macs and laptops..
Reflective lanyards provides exceptional reflective quality for use when visibility is important, reflective lanyards are great for night time safety use, hospital(non absorbent and wiped clear) and event use. Reflective are can be centered in the middle or separated as 2 line on the edges of lanyar..
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