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    Memo Pad

    Notepad contain: 80 gram paper5 Colour Page Marker (Paper)/25 pcs each colorSticky memo (25 pcs)White memos (400 pcs)..
    1) Sticky notes (Paper), 25 pieces per color.2) Sticky memo 50 pieces yellow.3) A recycled paper pen...
    80 pages of brown ECO memo pad, ECO ball pen & frosted ruler in a pocket...
    Contains:1) Sticky page marker strips (Paper), 5 colors, 50 sheets each color.2) Yellow and Green sticky notes, 50 sheets each color.3) Ruler printed on the top cover...
    Material: Colour Branding PaperContains:1) Yellow sticky note 25 sheets2) Sticky page marker strips (paper), 5 colours, 25 sheets/colourPrint Area40mm(L) x 80mm(H)..
    Sometimes writing it down helps you processed the information better.  This small notebook with pens is easier to carry along, easy to write down information on the fly. Helps also to wean once in a while  your smartphone  addiction...
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