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Fall Protection

Made with economical polyamide 3 strand ropes with indicator red and blue running lines. Replace it when the running lines fade which indicates that the lanyard has worn out.EV220-SH-1.6M / EV200-SH-2M: Rope size 12 mm diameter x 1.6 meter or 2.0 meter polyamide lanyard built-in with 1-pc press snap..
-pc dorsal attachment D-ring.Metal buckle type chest strap.Adjustable thigh strap.Blue/black colour.Ideally positioned sit strap for extended comfort.Built-in with 2.0 meter polyamide lanyard with 1-pc press large hook.Comes with PG 0180 MPB Multi-Purpose Bag.Weighs 1300 grams.Conform to BS EN3..
Self-closing steel carabiner comes with aluminium quarter-turn manual screw locking system. Suitable to install with energy absorber, lanyards, or any fall protection accessories & also directly incorporating with any full body harness. Material: Zinc-plated steel.Opening: 20 mm.Static stre..
The suspension trauma relief strap, when used in conjunction with a full body harness, is meant to prolong the allowable suspension time for a person who has experienced a fall from height. It may only be used in a situation where a fall has occurred or for training.Material: Polypropylene.Length: 1..
A premium type positioning lanyard with a user-friendly one hand operated length adjuster.Polyamide lanyard with 1-pc carabiner, 1-pc snap hook, & 1-pic adjustable rope grab.Conform to BS EN358 & SIRIM certification no.: PP071006...
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