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    Marine Life Jackets

    Lightweight and easy to wear.Helps to remain in a position which permits proper breathing and to stay afloat.Comes with 2pcs of 25mm waist straps and a whistle to attract attention during emergency.Standard retro-reflective materials on shoulder.ProductColourSizeMLJ-CNDin OrangeFree size..
    It is a manually or automatically inflated life jacket.Equipped with reflective stripes, oral inflation tube and whistle to attract attention during emergency.It can be used for personal engagement in activities, whether in relation to work or leisure, in or near with water.ProductColourSizeZHGQYT-0..
    Lightweight and easy to wear.Buoyancy can be found on both front and back in separate compartments.Standard micro-prismatic reflective material on collar.Comes with 2 pcs of 40 mm waist straps,1 pc crotch strap, and a whistle to attract attention during emergencyProductColourSizeSLJ-MYDin OrangeS,M,..
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