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    Rainwear Protection & Protection Clothing

    To protect against mild chemical splashes.Made of PP non-woven with PE coating.Covers front and back of user.Lightweight fabric is suitable for working long hours.Total length: 200 cm. (Front: 120cm, Back: 80cm)Width: 60 cm.Neck diameter: 20 cm.Weight: 108 g.Product CodeSizeThicknessPROCHEM 1Univers..
    Sold in 100 pcs/polybag.Light duty and economical.Larger size for maximum coverage.Excellent waterproof, extra soft, and comfortable.These aprons are a cost-effective option for protection against spills and contaminations.Built-in ties to allow desired fit.Product CodeSizeThicknessCPDA-LDPE-W3..
    *APRON NOT INCLUDED*These sleeves are made of aramid and aluminized fabric.Provides high thermal insulation and extremely lightweight.Product CodeLengthSizeHPS/ALU/2222"Free..
    *APRON NOT INCLUDED*Features:These sleeves are made of quality split cow leather.Provides protection against welding sparks and extremely lightweight.Product CodeLengthSizeWPG-22124"Free..
    These welding jackets are made of quality cow grain leather with two vertical level buttons for adjustable sizes.Provides excellent body protection against heat, welding sparks, & harmful welding rays.Free sized...
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