Alyce : The Company with a New Approach to Corporate Gifting

Alyce is a company dedicated to improving and solving the problems of corporate gifting : giving gifts that people actually want.


Alyce is a company that provides a technological approach to corporate gifts. They are set upon a database that allows the recipient to choose what they want based on the occasion. Another feature about Alyce is that is also provides you with the perfect time to give these corporate gifts. From there, the recipient can actually have options on what to do with your gift. They have the choice of either accepting, exchanging or donating your corporate gift (and the best part is that you will never know). This is great because regardless of the reaction of your corporate gift, you know that it is being put into good use.


Alyce provides other services such as bulk gifting, subscriptions (for those of you who cannot keep track of time and need to be reminded each month) and flexible delivery hours.


According to the founder and CEO of Alyce, Greg Segall, his company is based on ensuring that the recipient (of the gift) feels valued and that the emotions evoked are exactly what you (as the business) were looking for.


Alyce headquarters conducted a research survey that revealed : 88% of people receiving corporate gift would exchange their gifts and that 88% also stated that they were very dissatisfied with their gifts. 90% said that in actuality, they do not want to receive these small doorgifts, commonly known as swag gifts (pens, pencils, bags etc.) and 23% of them claim to actually throw away these gifts. Now, that is just a waste of your company’s good money. And Alyce is embarking on the assurance that this will not happen anymore. According to Alyce founders : giving a gift is not enough. It is giving the right gift and at the right time which is most important.


*Update : When researching about Alyce, and looking for the company’s official website, it seemed as if they have been disconnected. None of their social media accounts or websites are functional. It seems that the company’s status is unknown.

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