Aspire Accessories : The Unlikely Makers of these Gifts

Aspire Accessories is a company that works towards providing special and customizable gifts. They sell all types of accessories such as jewelry, embellished bags and clothing, keychains and much more. This company has the most inspiring and devoted staff. The ones responsible for the artisan style creations of Aspire Accessories are actually young adults who have been diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder or other special needs.


This is so special because Aspire Accessories are one of the very few companies who have begun or tried to hire young adults/people with autism. There is a very large stigma that revolves around autism. Most people see the negative aspects : the groaning, the screaming, the involuntary mood swings. However, in many cases of autism, this rarely happens (unless they are given the wrong type of treatment : people not knowing their triggers etc.). There are a bunch of special needs school that aid in the development, both social and cognitive skills, of those diagnosed with autism. These same schools aid in educating the public about the condition and eradicating the negative stigma upon it.


In a lot of cases, after completing their course of education at a special needs school, a young adult with autism is usually found unemployable. However, they are more than able to assimilate to society, given the right job and the right environment. At Aspire Accessories, the work that needs to be done is meticulous and  very detail-orientated. To most, this would seem like a tedious job but for someone with autism, it is a well-suited job for them. The attention to detail and patterns will give them ease.


It is important to recognize the impact that Aspire Accessories is making in helping to diminish the societal perception of autism and those who have autism. They are helping these young adults strive in society and try to make the most of their situation, which is admirable.


Needless to say, the company is getting its gain in followers and orders. Since the start of the year, Aspire Accessories has been selling to retailers as well as to local businesses (which are to be given as corporate gifts). Since January, they have made USD 75,000 in net profit. And they are estimated to complete the year with a USD200,000 evaluation in net profit. Their workers are not holding them down, in fact they are helping with producing great and better accessories that are loved by most.

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