Branded Corporate Gifts

Brands have been an ever-growing industry that focuses on individuality as well as exclusivity. Having a well-established brand means that people know who the company is and what they sell. Even more effective is if the brand is exclusive, drawing consumers to want more and purchase more based on the consumer psychology that if it’s exclusive, I must have it.


Branding in corporate gifting is important. It is a means of displaying your company and it’s logo to the consumers. You want consumer to have brand recall, to know the brand and to want to buy from the brand. But what happens when the brand is already established?


A lot of lifestyle brands have dipped their toes into the corporate gifting industry. When referring to lifestyle brands, these range from fashion brands (such as Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana, Coach etc.), fragrances (Jo Malone etc.), personal care brands (The Body Shop etc.) and dining and beverages brands (Johnnie Walker Whisky).


These brands are going to the extent of making a new category for their products : corporate gifts. What happens is that they take one of their best-selling items and either compile them into a basket (gift basket type situation) or on its own.


I know what you must be thinking : well, why can’t a corporate business just go out and buy the item as opposed to ordering the item from their corporate gift category? In some cases, these brands subsidize and lower the prices of their products based on the amount that you want for a corporate gift. Not only that, some brands may even customize these corporate gifts. Meaning, instead of getting an office accessory set by Gucci, you can actually get an office accessory set by Gucci but with your name on it. The customizability is what draws in the corporate businesses (for those looking for personalization as opposed to mass distribution; like in the case of giving a corporate gift to a potential client).


But these branded corporate gift obviously come with a price. Sometimes it is worth it, other times it is not. It is based on the business’s decision, in terms of their wants, needs and corporate gift budget.

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