Corporate Gift Budget Research

A corporate gift survey conducted by Incentive Magazine US in 2016 released results that showed : As the economy, of a nation, improves, the budgets for corporate gifts grow. It has been released in their survey that the implementation of corporate gifts rose from 20.6% in 2015 to 27.4% in 2016. Many companies are utilizing corporate gift and implementing them into their marketing strategies. Not only that, these companies are also handing out corporate gifts on more occasions. Prior to that, it used to be large generic holidays such as birthdays, New Year’s and Christmas. However now, companies are giving out gifts for promotions, (based on the company and its employees) religious holidays and more. This caused the 37% increase in amount of corporate gifts received within a year in a company.


The survey conducted involved over 50 different companies, ranging in different fields of speciality. However all companies were estimated to be the same size, in terms of employee count, gross profit and revenue. Their survey was based upon three questions and it compared results from 2015 and 2016.


Based on the survey, the results are as follows :


  1. How much is spent on corporate gifts (per recipient)?


In 2015, 27.2% of companies were spending less that USD25 on corporate gifts per recipient. However in 2016, the spending budget per recipient has increased to USD50 to USD99. This is favored by 26.6% of companies.


  1. How much has the corporate gift budget changed in the past 2 years?


In 2015, almost the majority of companies (49.0%) quoted to their budget staying the same in both years. However 20.6% of companies in 2015 stated that they are spending more. Whereas when compared to 2016, 27.4% of companies claim to be spending more. Reasons are inconclusive but many have said it was due to a good economical year.


  1. Which of the following corporate gifts are given?


In both years, 2015 and 2016, it was said that gift cards were the most popular corporate gifts. With percentages such as 67.8% to 67.7% accordingly. In 2016, other gifts such as apparel (40.0%), Office Accessories (36.4%), Electronics (34.4%) and Food (32.8%) were popular choices are well.


    1. (Based on the top answer from Question 3)
    2. Under which category are the corporate gifts?


Seeing as gift cards are the most popular gift, the survery questioned what type of gift cards were given. In 2015, retail gift cards were the most popular (41.3%) however in 2016, the most popular gift cards were dining and restaurants. Increasing popularity from 53.8%, from the year prior, to 57.5%.


  1. Who are the recipients of corporate gifts?


Most companies noted that these corporate gifts were directed for their customers and clients with both years noting more than 65%. The survey also stated that there was a 3.05% decrease in employee gifts but a 3.0% increase in gifts for prospective clients and a 9.3% decrease in gifts for suppliers/partners.

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