Corporate Gift Commitment, worth USD 5 million, given to University of North Carolina Wilmington

On May 2017, the University of North Carolina Wilmington received a very generous corporate gift of USD 5 million from Quality Chemical Laboratories in North Carolina, United States of America. The corporate gift commitment was set for USD 1 million, each year, for five years. It was generously donated by the founders of Quality Chemical Laboratories : Dr Yousry Sayed and his wife, Mrs. Linda Sayed.


Their company : Quality Chemical Laboratories serves in the pharmaceutical industry. They aid and support anything and everything pharmaceutical. This includes pharmaceutical research, drug development and commercialization. They are also quite closely related with the University of North Carolina, Wilmington (UNCW). It has been said that this company hires many local scientists and researchers as well as upcoming graduates of UNCW.


A little background about the couple responsible for the corporate gift. Dr. Yousry Sayed formerly worked for administration in UNCW and also is currently a student mentor and a longtime faculty member for the university. He is well-known in the UNCW community and is highly respected. His wife, Mrs. Linda Sayed is also closely related to the university. Mrs. Sayed graduated from the university with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and soonafter, a master’s degree in Education in 1985.


The dynamic duo explained that when they founded their company, in 1988, and as they work as president and CEO of the company : they wanted to give back to the community that they have been heavily involved in. The money that they have given to UNCW, as a corporate gift, is dedicated specifically to the College of Arts and Sciences at UNCW. The university representative claims that this money will be used to support developments in a variety of fields. They will implement and develop new programs such as pharmaceutical sciences. As well as find co-operative support for pre-existing programs such as chemistry, biochemistry, biology, marine biology and more.


This is the largest donation and corporate gift receival in UNCW history. The university representative hopes that this will create a ripple effect, of other local companies and businesses to do the same in support the students and the research opportunities that UNCW offers.

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