Corporate Gift Etiquette

With any gift, there is level of etiquette that one needs to be conscious of. With corporate giftings, there are some details that you might need to consider before sending the gift off.


  1. Appropriateness


With any gift, you want to make sure that the gift is appropriate and that it is not sending the wrong message. You do not want to make an impression, or have the intention, of a bribe with your corporate gift. Therefore, it is important to evaluate how long you have been in business with the company and how close your professional relationship is. If it is a new relationship, with minimal closeness, then stray away from exceedingly personal or lavish gifts.


  1. Presentation


Presentation is everything. You do not want to send off a corporate gift looking like there was no attention put into it. To prepare your gift, take some care into it. Wrap the gift nicely. It not only looks better, on your behalf, but it also demonstrates and reflects  your sincere intentions and your brand (how much time and effort you are putting into the gift). Another point to make is how to delivery the gift. Would you want to personally deliver it or by mail carrier? That is ultimately a decision that needs to be made based on the nature of the professional relationship (between companies).


  1. Timing


Giving gifts too frequently is just as much as a problem in corporate gifting. It needs to be understood that corporate gifting is meant to be professional. Corporate gifts should be distributed on special occasions (birthdays, company anniversaries, promotions etc.) and major holidays. Refrain from sending too many gifts, your timing needs to be regulated. Too many gifts may show off signs of dependency, and that may affect how your adjacent company may perceive you.


  1. Personalization


When you have established a good and durable relationship with your client, it is important to start personalizing the gifts that you present to them. This creates the impression that you care and have taken the time to understand them and their interests. With that, comes the question : should I continue to place my logo?. A personalized gift should reflect the recipient. However, you may want to take advantage of the situation if the gift is of daily use. Meaning if your gift is a calendar or watch, something that is used on a daily basis, then throw on the logo. But you want to be weary of not exceeding your self-promotion. Do not be too over-the-top, find stable ground.


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