Corporate Gift Trends

Trends occur in any sector of business, lifestyle and more. Therefore, it is understandable for corporate gifts to have trends as well. The trends are usually paralleled with timing and what’s new in the industry. For corporate gifts specifically, trends arise when the holiday season is approaching. For example, Christmas, Easter, a corporate anniversary etc. Therefore, with that, some companies make an effort to have a holiday theme with their corporate gifts. Apart from that, the trends are also based on what recipients actually want and need. For example, in 2014, with the rise of portable chargers (power-banks), it rapidly become a trend for that to be a corporate gifts. And thousands and thousands of businesses worldwide were gifting power-banks as it was readily seen, thoroughly exposed, and it was a gift that people enjoyed receiving (as they made great use out of it).


According to a research study conducted by an Indian company in March 2016, they found a few trends in the corporate gift industry over the past year. Their results are as follows :


  • 24% in office gifts
  • 22% in electronics
  • 13% in home and personal care
  • 11% in apparel merchandise
  • 10% in journals and organizers
  • 20% in others (dining, beverages, gift cards)


Office gifts had a consecutive spot in first place for corporate gift trends over the past three years. It seems that corporate gifts find this conventional category as the most easy and profitable gift. According to the employee’s, gift sets are more prefered. These are sets that include a bunch of office supplies and accessories for their office space. They claim it is due to the office supplies getting good use and no hassle in the gift. It is deemed appropriate and effective.


Secondly, electronics has been really popular, and it’s popularity has been on the rise since a few years back. Power banks and USB drives are the most popular and prefered gifts. It is said that due to the increased in the consumption of electrical devices (phones, tablets, laptops), the gifts are just running along that parallel line : to give the recipient what they need. It is also said that electronic gifts are those gifts that “you did not know you needed, but definitely need”. Making them a good investment in the corporate gift industry.


Lastly, home and personal care goods are the ones that are most preferred by employees specifically. They deem it to be more on the useful and personalized for their needs. It has gained popularity over the past year, but has reached a plateau and is around the same percentage since 3 years back.



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