Corporate Gifts with a Conscience

Corporate Gifts with a Conscience is a non-profit business that is run by Helene Bourquin and is based in Cape Town, South Africa. The start of her business was sudden and came through an idea when she was volunteering in a village near Cape Town. She realized that the villagers were extremely diverse and talented in crafts. From there her company was born. She refers to her company as a self-help program in which the employees (locals, villagers etc.) are making the product and once it is sold, the money goes straight back to them.


Corporate Gifts with a Conscience also made a big bloom in business in their first six months. Through word of mouth, the concept and the company were widely known in Cape Town and it generated the interest of corporate businesses there. People knew what she was doing, the impact that it was making and they all wanted a piece of it.


The corporate gift of the company are truly unique, as they are hand crafted. These gifts are not mass produced, therefore each gift is a little different than the one before it and after it. The gifts range from a plethora of categories : from homemade scented candles, leathered goods to toys and gifts. And based on the means and local supplies, they would make fruit baskets, baked good baskets and even some make wine baskets. The gifts are inspired by the culture, tradition and artistry of South Africa. Helene also makes it a point to ensure that these gifts are of good-quality and are acceptable for both corporates and recipients.


It was stated that Corporate Gifts with a Conscience has provided for a range of events from birthdays, functions, corporate events, team building exercises and launches. They are mostly known for their mission and how their gifts stand out. Apart from standing out, in their vision, their gifts also have a special treat for the recipient. Each gift is wrapped, branded with the company logo (based on if the corporate would want it to) and it is tagged with a special note. The note contains information based on who the gift has benefited and how the gift has made a positive impact.  For example, the note will tell you : who made the gift and how the money from that gift has helped this person. It is a personal touch that most corporate gifts don’t have, and cannot fabricate. The testimonies for these gifts are bountiful of praises and compliments. It makes corporates and recipients feel good and it helps the people of South Africa, especially those who are less fortunate.

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