Door Gift Singapore Provides Free Consultation on Corporate Gifts

Door Gift Singapore is a company that was founded in 2016. The concept of the company is to provide and supply corporate gifts to businesses in Singapore. Since the launch of their company, they have been leading and dominating the corporate gift industry in Singapore. They supply many of their corporate gifts to big names in the business world, that are stationed in Singapore. Although they have not launched internationally, they do believe that it will be achieved very soon (estimating from a year to two).


Apart from being a leading corporate gift supplier, Door Gift Singapore announced on April 23rd that they will be providing a free consultation service for businesses. These consultations will be based on conceptualising and choosing the best gift for the employees of any business. It is important to note that this service is solely for choosing the best gift for your employees, and not clients, partners or suppliers.


They have opened up a hotline that allows any business to call them up and enquire about corporate gifts. The reason that they wanted to start this service is due to the constant stream of enquiries that they get from businesses on a daily basis. They state that they have companies contacting them and asking them about the best and most perfect gift to get for their employees.


And they have replied with saying that choosing a gift that will satisfy each and every employee, especially if these gifts are distributed in the masses, and not individually, is close to impossible unless you are willing to spend a good sum of money. Therefore, their consultations aid these businesses in choosing not a perfect gift, but the best suited gift for their employees.


They help with utilizing the wide range of corporate gifts that they already supply and based on the needs of the company, they help the businesses to brainstorm which gift is best.


They have started this free service since April 24th 2017 and since then, they have noted to receiving and helping a lot of companies with their corporate gifting needs. They say it is another way to generate trust between them and their clients and it helps with the overall sales, of the company, at the end of the day.

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