Environmentally Friendly Corporate Gifts

With the rise in global awareness of climate change and the animosity of support it receives daily, a lot of businesses have been striving to be more environmentally conscious. It is not only a great cause to be apart of, it also makes any business seem more in tune with the world.


One way for corporate businesses to be more environmentally conscious is to distribute environmentally friendly corporate gifts. This may sound like a huge investment but in all honesty, it does not cost more and neither is it that drastic. Basically, it will not cause a riot in the office.


  1. Pet Plants


This is not as lame as it sounds. Pet plants are basically a small pot, containing a small plant. They help in the overall air circulation of your office space : contributing to fresher and efficient oxygen (while at the same time using up your carbon dioxide). Not only that, it is easy on the eyes. A cute little decor item that could brighten anyone’s day. The only issue is the matter of caring for it. Usually these pet plants are sustainable enough to last, even with the most ignorant or forgetful of gardeners.


  1. Eco-friendly Tote Bags


Reusable tote bags are all the rage now. Selangor state in Malaysia has actually declared the banishment of plastic bags at supermarkets and shops. With this motion in place, a lot of people are looking for tote bags, it is high in demand now. With a corporate business distributing more of these eco-friendly tote bags: you not only have an opportunity for free advertising (as people will use it for every time they shop) but you also have your corporate swag being used.


  1. Refillable Portfolios


The busiest of people will always have a packed portfolio/yearly journal. The days will be full of planned events, important meetings and lunches. Therefore, it becomes redundant to consistently go to the store to buy a new bulky portfolio/journal. Instead opt to buy a refillable portfolio, where the pages, calendars and all are sold individually. This way, you do not have to throw away a good binder, instead just remove your old used pages and get fresh new ones to start off the year.


  1. Recycled Notebooks and Bamboo Stationery Set


A classical corporate gift : office supplies. And each office needs office supplies. Therefore, try to be more aware of your office supply gifts. Those plastic pens and basic spiral notebooks are cheap but are a one-time-use time of thing. However recycled notebooks and bamboo stationery sets (with fillable pens) are cheaper and can be used again.

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