Ethics of Corporate Gifts

Since the rise of corporate giftings, a lot of the angles of this industry have been analyzed. One important aspect to recognize is the ethics of corporate gifting. There are 3 important points to consider prior to distributing corporate gifts.


  1. Distinguishing the gift from a bribe


To begin with, it is extremely important to distinguish your corporate gift from a bribe. The line between the two is often very slim, depending on the gift, recipient, culture and traditions of a region. Therefore, a company has be very explicit concerning their intentions for the corporate gift. Conduct a discussion with the recipient and inform them of your intentions. Another way to distinguish is to establish the expectation of the gift. Do you want to receive a gift in return from the recipient or a favor? Do you have a 100% guarantee that corporate gifts will get you what you want from the consumer? If the answer is yes to either or both of those questions, then you need to re-evaluate, as it is more bribe territory than gifting.


Another aspect to consider is who you are gifting it to. Recognize that it is more difficult to provide a public officer (judge, lawyer, police, diplomat etc.) with a corporate gift. The generally presumption of gifts to a public officers are dangerously close to a bribe. You need to be aware of the policies as well as the perspectives of others.


  1. Company Policy


Before you go gifting, you need to understand the (if any) company policies that may prevent you from freely distributing your corporate gifts. Many companies have rules and regulations concerning the ability to accept corporate gifts. It is well established in their company policies. Therefore, before anything, remember to discuss with the company concerning their policies and what is acceptable or unacceptable. It is also important to note that sometimes gifts are allowed, but sometimes they may not be used. This is another rule that some companies have. Therefore, fully comprehend what you can and cannot do to maximise the efficiency of your corporate gifts and not have them go to waste.


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