Extravagant Corporate Gifts

We all know the typical corporate gifts, usually they are conventional, sometimes technological. However, we all have a good idea of what to expect in a corporate gift : apparel, USB drive, mugs, office accessories. However, some businesses actually go all out for their corporate gifts. They have a large corporate gift budget and a limited amount of recipients for these gifts. And most often that not, their gifts are lavish, extravagant and extremely pricey : definitely not something that is the norm.


Some companies have been documented to spending over USD3,000 for a single corporate gift. This is obviously not a common practice in the industry and is sporadic from business to business. And it all does depend on a certain number of factors such as the objective of these corporate gifts and well as the possibility of impressing prospective clients to gain more business opportunities.


For the office :

  1. Computer Accessories

These are not regular keyboards and mouses. These are the most lavish and high-tech of the keyboards and mouses. Bluetooth connectivity, smart typing, heightened sensitivity. Any feature, you name it. These accessories have a high chance of having it

  1. Smartpens

These smart pens go beyond the expectations of pens. As soon as this pen is hooked up to a source (laptop, desktop computer), not only are they able to do calculations but they can translate as well.

  1. Branded Desktop Accessories

A pen holder, calendar and other accessories are nice and aesthetically pleasing, but how would you feel if they were branded as well? Gucci, Chanel and other big fashion brands have been know to produce desktop accessories.  

  1. Photo Printers
  2. Branded Business card Holders
  3. Fountain Pens, with inscription.


For comfort :

  1. All expense paid trips

Anywhere from the Himalayas to the Caribbean, some companies have spent thousands for this corporate gift to improve employee productibility

  1. Grooming and Spa days
  2. Home Gym
  3. Elaborate Food Basket

Filled with the most expensive cheese, caviar, cured meats and more. Only the fancy and high quality items are chosen.

  1. Trip on a Cruise Boat

For the techy :

  1. DSLR Camera
  2. Tablets
  3. Watches
  4. Extensive Swiss Knife


It is evident that these gifts are considered luxury gifts. And they fall into the very far end of the corporate gift spectrum : the extremely lavish and costly corporate gifts. But it has been known that with bigger and more elaborate gifts, from corporate businesses, have made a difference in not only employee efficiency but also in number of new and upcoming clients. Therefore, if it works : it works. The question is, is is worth it?

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