Foretec developed SEO strategy to get corporate gift keywords on Google

Foretec is an online marketing firm, based in the Philippines. However, they have headquarters in both the Philippines and Singapore. Foretec has been a leading SEO firm in Singapore and is a strong and competitive brand in the Philippines. They run their business through providing SEO services for local and international corporations, working to achieve comprehensive and cost-efficient SEO techniques that help companies to reach their business ventures.


On May 2017, they announced that they have developed, and successfully proven, a new SEO strategy. This strategy is new and has not been incorporated into the industry yet, therefore there is great buzz and excitement about it. The SEO strategy works upon ranking the corporate gift industry keywords into the top 10 positions/rankings on Google. They also claim that this strategy does not use any grey/black hat tactics (which would include paid links, spam comments, social media automation, buying followers, duplicating content, article spinning and cloaking). The use of any of these grey/black hat tactics are extremely risky, if the person is not knowledgeable on it.


The main reason for the development of this SEO strategy, and specifically working on the corporate gift industry, is because one of Foretec’s clients are Door Gifts Singapore. Door Gifts Singapore is one of the leading corporate gift businesses in Singapore and has made a fine name for themselves in the industry. In order to gravitate and increase attention towards corporate gifts, Foretec believes that this strategy will be beneficial for them.


The SEO strategy that has been implicated has also been proven. So much so that their client, Door Gift Singapore, have been ranked on the top 10 positions on Google, based on their most competitive and most profitable keywords.


In Singapore, the corporate gift industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, where many businesses make good business revenues through these gifts. An average of SGD670,000 in sales are made each month, in a business that uses corporate gifts as a marketing plan. And in the country, alone, some companies go up to making SGD1.7million in revenue (just last year).


Foretec has made claims to developing this SEO strategy into other industries and not confining it to just the corporate gift industry. They are optimistic about the future of this and are excited to see how well it plays in other industries and countries.

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