Glass-Blowing Business Booming with Corporate Gift Orders

One of the most unexpected stories in corporate gifts is the boom in glass-blowing business and purchases for corporate gifts. One such story falls upon a small company (or what used to be a small company) run by April Wagner. April Wagner runs Epiphany Studios, established in Pontiac, Michigan in 2000. Her business revolves around glass-blowing : an art-form that molds and manipulates the shape of glass through heat. Over the years, her business has been growing but only through wholesale and small events, nothing exponential.


Ever since her big projects, one of her sculptures was bought for a 100th year anniversary of a performing arts theatre in her native hometown of Pontiac, she has not seen much demand for her product. But in April 2017, she notices a change. One of her sculptures got the attention of a business owner who was interested in purchasing a number of her sculpture to be used as a centrepiece for their next upcoming corporate event. From there, her latches on and become known to other companies.


Now, she is receiving back-to-back business orders for her sculptures and trying to meet demands. She states that the sculptures are used for anything from awards, plaques, centrepieces, banquet gifts and paperweights. It is said that 30% of her business annual revenue is made by corporate gifts. That number brings her up to over USD250,000 in sales since the last quarter.


Not only has her revenue increased, so has her popularity. The word-of-mouth power elaborated itself from corporate business to the next. She has noticed that her clients usually refer their partners and colleagues to her for corporate gifts. She has also created social media accounts and have gained a huge following. The vision of glassblowing is quite mesmerizing and many people enjoying seeing it.


April Wagner says that her products are authentic and different. Not only that, they are produced individually, to each order. That means nothing is mass-produced, which gives the gift a uniqueness that can be appreciated by most recipients, and a perfect corporate gift. Many of her clients have expressed their love for her sculptures and received many praises over it as a corporate gift.

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