Green Yards : Recycling Used Cooking Oil to Make Handmade Soaps

Corporate gifts can be pricey, but not only for the bank accounts but for the environment as well. Mass productions of corporate gifts in manufacturing industries can contribute to greenhouse effect, which contributes to ozone thinning and climate change. This is detrimental to the environment. Therefore an alternative that companies can make is opting for eco-friendly corporate gifts. Green Yards are just the right company to look into.


Green Yards is a company started by Wen Shin, a former UPM student. She thought of the company in her university years but only started the business after graduation. Her company  sells scented homemade candles and bar soaps, but here is the catch : they are all made from recycling cooking oil.


Waste dumping is a major factor in what contributes to water pollution. A large portion of that comes from oil dumping. In Malaysia, oil dumping, in any large : small or large, is illegal. Therefore the options of discarding used cooking oil is limited. People either burn the oil until it becomes a sediment or they pour it down the drains. This could then cause unsanitary water as well as a disruption to the ecology and environment of Malaysian rivers, and may extend to the sea as well.


In Malaysia alone, over 220 million liters of cooking oil are dumped down the drain in both restaurants and households. Therefore Green Yards is trying to take advantage of this by re-utilizing the cooking oil. Not many people are aware of the potential uses of used cooking oil. Used cooking oil can be used as source of fuel, in some cases. And it can also be recycled into other things.


What Green Yard does is basically take used cooking oils, their major source is from restaurants but they take from households too, and sent that to a bio-diesel lab. The oil is then cleaned and washed of its sediment and unwanted particles. From there, they take it and use it to create their soaps and candles. In order to make this product halal, they will actually just take cooking oil from Muslim-friendly restaurants.  They have been getting many orders from corporate businesses, and have actually teamed up with Impact Gifts (a company that takes environmentally conscious gifts and compiles them into a box that can be given to other). Their products can be bought from their website.

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