Gulf Gifts in the UAE

There seems to be a rise in corporate gifts in the United Arab Emirates. With the holy month of Ramadan’s arrival as well as Eid al-Fitr approaching : there is a surge in corporate gift sales over the past few weeks. According to the Entrepreneur Magazine, Middle East, corporate gifts are widely supported and implemented. This is mostly because of the embedded culture and heritage of Arabian hospitality.


One company that is making its mark in the corporate gift industry in UAE is Gulf Gifts. Gulf Gifts was started in 2006 by Gwen de Bizemont, a french banker who moved to UAE when her husband was posted there. Her company, which is one out of six major companies that she owns and runs, is based in Dubai and primarily revolves around corporate gift sets. Her motto for her company has always been to stay true to the roots of Arabic heritage. She sees corporate gifts as “an exchange of goodwill from both sides” rather than a means of marketing. With this motto, she works and integrates very well with the Arabic businesses surrounding her, as most are her clients.


Her vision to start Gulf Gifts started when she was disappointed with the frequent and redundant gifts that her husband would get. She said that they were repetitive and futile and made no use to her or her husband. From there, she sought out to fabricate corporate gifts that were useful and enjoyable to receive.


Her gifts usually include dates, candies, chocolates, fragrances, candles, bookmarks, pens, lighters, letter openers, USB drives and more. But what is unique about Gulf Gifts is their approach to packaging. Their products are designed intricately following Islamic geometrical designs. Her packages are very in tune with the clientele’s needs and the Arabic culture. Hence, it would only make sense that most of her clients are Dubai businesses. But she does claim to receive oversea orders from Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Oman and KSA for various events and conferences. Since her re-imaging, Gulf Gifts has been blooming and their business has been growing. It is doing better now than it ever was.

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