Holiday Corporate Gift Ideas

There always seems to be a holiday to prepare for in Malaysia. But in terms of corporate gifting, remember timing is very important : reserved for special occasions and major holidays (depending on the culture and traditions). Therefore, the next time New Year’s comes around; here are some holiday gift options.


  1. Premium Chocolate


Everyone loves chocolates, and even those who can’t have chocolate : crave it. Chocolate is a simple yet delicious and effective gift that is made to please anyone. With the extension of gifting premium chocolate, it can show a lot of loyalty and appreciation towards your client or employee. Also, it a very non-biased gift, meaning it is not meant to be distributed exclusively. A very diplomatic gift.


  1. Edible Arrangements


Having snacks around the office is a great motivator. Therefore, try gifting your client or employee with a form of edible arrangements. This could be anything from a fruit basket to a snack bar. It will give momentary nourishment to the employees and the big names of the companies too. You will get good use out of your arrangement.


  1. Donate to Charity (under the recipient’s name)


If you want to take an alternative route from the orthodox and stereotypical corporate gifts, then perhaps donation is the way to go this holiday season. Donations are a significant gift, as they as true and sincere in intentions. It deviates the attention from the big-scale of the world and focuses on helping others who are less-fortunate. Donate to charity, as a gift for your client or employee. It will show your humility as well as aiding others.


  1. Gift Card


Sometimes we do not have the perfect gift for a client or employee. But that should not mean that it does not exist. Therefore, sometimes it can be easier to purchase a gift card at any establishment that your client or employee enjoys (Starbucks, H&M, Parkson’s etc.) and let them choose their own gift. Let them experiment and have fun. This does not do much harm to the personalization of corporate gifts, as you are giving them the freedom of getting what they really want.


  1. Books


Get your client or employee the gift of knowledge. This is a personal gift but it still maintains professionalism. Understand and enquire more about the interests of the recipient (example : if they want to learn to cook : get a cookbook) and from them, cater to their needs and get an appropriate gift. A book is a great and long-lasting gift that will definitely be put into good use if give to the right person.

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