How Corporate Gifts have changed the game

Corporate has come a long way since its genesis in the 19th century. It has been said that the start of promotional merchandise, or premium gifts, begun with the distribution of pin buttons of George Washington during his election. It then progressed to calendars, stationery and more. Now, corporate gifts have become an industry where there are manufacturers, wholesalers, clients and more. With the corporate gifts ranging from a simple pen to USB drives. The industry has become a whole new form of marketing strategy.


  1. Building up the brand


Branding is quintessential for any business. Corporate gifts can put any brand on the map. Seeing the brand logo, motto or name all over these corporate gifts (that are being widely distributed), allows the consumers to be more aware and associated of the brand. This will ultimately lead to more leads and referrals which would naturally spike an increase in sales. Overall, strengthening the integrity of the brand.


  1. Maintaining interactions between companies and consumers


A crucial aspect of business is establishing and sustaining durable relationships amongst the company and their consumers. Corporate gifts enable that by showing appreciation and gratitude over the consumer’s business and loyalty. It also reminds the consumers of the business, no out-of-sight, out-of-mind syndrome.


  1. Personalization


A key aspect of corporate gifting is their characteristic of personalization. Every company and their consumers are different. Therefore, a marketing strategy is to be different from the rest. This is done by identifying the goal or expectation or the corporate gift, and from there, personalize the gift accordingly. It leaves a good impression and differs the brand from all the other competitors.


All in all, corporate gifting is not merely a form of souvenirs, it can also be used as a marketing strategy (if done correctly). Many believe that it can be costly and expensive to sustain such corporate gifting. However with proper budgeting and campaign, corporate gifting can be cost-effective and functionally effective as well.

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