Important Attributes of Corporate Gifts

A good amount of thought is put into what a business wants from their corporate gift, or what attribute they would like in a corporate gift, regardless of the gift (if its technological or conventional).  Therefore it is important for corporate gift suppliers to understand what their clients are looking for and what they would like to have in a corporate gift.


According to a research study conducted by ASI (Advertising Speciality Institute) in 2014, their research revolved a plethora of related topics, however there was a certain emphasis on their results for “important attributes when buying promotional products”. Their results are as follows :


  • 92% for attractiveness of a product
  • 85% for durability of a product
  • 83% for utility of a product
  • 70% for low-cost of a product
  • 55% for product safety tested
  • 46% for product locally manufactured
  • 37% for products that are eco-friendly


Attractiveness, durability and utility are globally the most important attributes of a corporate gift according to businesses. This is understandable as they would like the client, or whoever the recipient may be, to be drawn to the product as well as be able to get good use out of it, for an extended period of time.


Less common, or less popular, attributes are product safety testing, locally manufactured and eco-friendly products. According to the study, most companies state that safety testing is not so important if the product is generally known to not cause harm (i.e conventional corporate gifts). Whereas corporate gifts such as power-banks have been known to malfunction, therefore with that, more companies deem it important for those products to be tested for safety. In terms of locally manufacturing, the outsourcing on these products are of no great significance for companies. 29% of businesses claim that it is not important to them at all. As for eco-friendly products, 39% do not claim that of any interest. However, this is dependent on the objective and motto of the company. It was said that companies that preach and advocate for environmental awareness are more involved with this attribute, whereas other companies that do not place significance on environmental issues are the opposite. It is said that the businesses may consider this attribute important if their clients (or gift recipients) demand for more eco-friendly gifts.

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