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    Color : whiteCounting capacity: 999Measuring distance: 5-10cmInfrared Measuring range: 0 -50Measurement accuracy: 0.2Response time: 0.5 secondsStandby..
    Color:whiteMaterial: plasticScreen display: digital displayAccuracy: ±0.2℃Response time: 0.5SInput: USB DC4.2-5VInfrared Measuring Range: 0℃-50℃Enviro..
    Color: white + blackMeasuring distance: 5-10cmInfrared measurement range: 0-50℃Measurement accuracy: ±0.2℃Response time: 0.5SPower: 1WStandby time: ab..
    Features:1. Accurate and fast, real-time reading of LCD display: the thermometer uses a new chip, the sensing time is faster (500 ms), high precision,..
    Modern, elegant and multifunctional. This laptop backpack  is purposeful, practical design that doesn’t compromise on style: Versatile and lightw..