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    Larger size able to fit your stainless cutlery set, accessories, gadgets, stationery, coins, & even drinkware's. Firm stitching & finishing with large area for your logo & message display. Fit for Stainless Straw, stationery, accessories, etc. Drawstring: Convenient & portable. ..
    Standard Durable Material.Practical and Durable Functions.Safe Mini Temporary Storage for Face Mask.Can Store Up to 5 pieces of Face Masks.Handy to Keep in Handbag or Car.Easy Portable Everywhere...
    Face Mask Specifications:❤ Fashionable Mask with Fine Protection❤ Highlight Feature : FREE Fabric Pouch (More hygienic and also easy storing of facemask when your on the go. Also this fabric pouch is waterproof and will protect your face from any unwanted bacteria)FREE Extender / Face Mask HookAfter..
    Multicolor Double Layer Stainless Steel Lunch BoxMade from food grade stainless steel inner containerMulticolour shell make this lunch box fashionable and attractive.Designed for you to put in different food separately conveniently.With an air hole on the cover can increase the sealing effect and ke..
    9085 Cyrus Exclusive Crystal Star Award we will use laser technology to make your precious memories and emotions into the sparkling crystal to create ever lasting moments . FREE 2D INNER LASER !..
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