Last Minute Corporate Gifts for Holiday Events

It happens to almost everybody where we are so consumed with our hectic and busy lives. So much so that we forget to get those holiday gifts. Whether you are an individual or a business, it is inevitable sometimes. But there is no need to be frazzled, there are many options for last minute corporate gifts, especially for holiday events. And these just happen to be some of the easiest corporate gifts to get your hands on :


  1. Collector Edition Books


Albeit collector edition books are on the rarer side of the spectrum, it is nevertheless a great gift. Specifically for that client, employee or partner that is a bookworm. The only problem that may arise with this gift is finding it. Although many cities have old-school style bookstores, some cities do not, and therefore there happens to be a treasure hunt for these collector edition books.


  1. Digital Clock


A simple and effective gift. This is also a gift for those who happen to be tardy more often than not. Either way, a digital clock is a gift that most people use but never really buy for themselves. This is the opportunity to get one for your client, prospective client, employee or partner as a corporate gift.


  1. Bluetooth Speakers


Bluetooth speakers are a great gift. They are a pricier corporate gift, therefore this gift must be given to a specific person who you believe deserves and is the most sought out to be given this gift to. It is also easy to find and purchase. And it is no doubt that the recipient will love it and make great use out of it.


  1. Portable Hard Disk


Portable Hard Disks are for the technological people that you work with. Not only are they efficient, effective and useful. They are also cheap and available for mass production. This, in a way, makes it a perfect gift for a collective, or group, corporate gift : a gift that you distribute to a whole bunch of people.


  1. Personalized Mug


Obviously, this is one of the more personalized gifts. A mug is a simple gift but once you take the time to personalize it with someone’s name, a genuine wish or even an important date : then it will become more significant.


  1. Plants


Lots of people take the idea of plants as underrated. This could be due to many things : 1. Keeping a plant alive is a hassle (especially for those of us who do not have a green thumb) and 2. Many people may not have a need for it. But in all honesty, a plant is a great gift. It gives the office space a pop of colour and its helps with air filtration (biologically) in the office space. It just needs a little tender love and care.

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