MEM watches : Literally Changing the Watch Game

Watches are a great corporate gift, especially a corporate gift that is given individually and not by the masses. But a local entrepreneur has developed a brand new way of how we will tell time.


MEM watches (pronounced mee-m) is a watch company started by Izham Fitri Ismail, a 28 year old entrepreneur. He first got the idea of his watch company when he attended a talk back in his university years. His watches are extremely unique, and that is saying a lot. Not only is it unique in its design but it is primarily unique in it’s method of telling the time. MEM watches are watches that run counterclockwise.


The normal clock and watches that we all know run clockwise, this is how we have been telling time since we could tell time. However, why do we do this? This is the question that sparked Izham into creating his watches. He states that many things in this world : they naturally recur in a counterclockwise direction, from the motion of electrons to the direction of growth in plants. Therefore, why do we tell time differently?


His first creation was DUCT (do unclockwise timing) in 2009. He then joined with Hijra Timepiece in 2012, after graduation, marketing his watches to the Muslim community. This has a lot of do with the relevance, and one of his inspirations of his counterclockwise watches, of “tawaf” (the circumambulation of the Kaa’ba) and how it is conducted counterclockwise. This sparked the Muslim community and he gained a good following through that. But Izham also wanted to expand his company globally and started to make other watches, that were not affiliated to religion.


Currently, MEM watches have launched 16 styles of watches and they are not slowing down. They have sales in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Japan and even the United Kingdom. They also receive international online orders from South Africa, Turkey, South Korea, Russia and more. They mostly sell online. Their watches are locally designed, assembled in China with technology from Japan.


Izham claims that his watches are more than just counterclockwise watches. His watches challenge the societal norm of watches : changing people’s perspective to time. With that, it creates a reminder of adapting new perspectives and perception into our own environments.

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