GLASSLOCK is made from tempered glass, our Glasslock Food & Drink
Storage are manufactured to withstand repetitive use in refrigerator,
freezer and microwave.

Description :
Built for durability, which has a shock resistance up to 3-5 times harder
than normal glass.
Crystal clear view ; Glass container help you see what you have in the
fridge at a glance.
Airtight Sealing ; Screw type lid for eady open and aperfect airtightness
once closed.
Odor-free ; Stain proof, leak proof, waterproof.
Safe Stacking ; The Block Canister are designed to stack perfectly. Push
to stack tightly and tilt in sideway to separate.
Block Canister are designed to accommodate spices, confectionery, as
well as dry, fresh or cooked food ; Convenience
Versatile kitchenware ; Stylish design ; comes with various sizes and
Eco-friendly ; Recyclable ; 100% BPA free.

IG-802 3PCS/SET250ml x 1 (86 x 74.9mm)
IP-607 400ml x 1 (86 x108.2mm)
IP-608 600ml x 1 (86 x 148.2mm)