GERMKILL Hand Sanitizer 100ml


Liquid Spray Hand Sanitizer

Liquid Spray Hand Sanitizer
In summary, GERMKLLL “provides several advantages when compared to hand washing with soap and water. Besides less time required at the basin, GERMKILL also acts faster.
In addition, GERMKILL is 100 times more effective than standard hand washing with soap and water. The active ingredient is 75% isopropyl alcohol and it is deemed the most efficacious alcohol agent for reducing the number of bacteria or viral germs on hands. GERMKIILL does not cause drying of the skin as most Alcohol Based Handrubs do.
The active ingredient in GERMKlll is isopropyl alcohol. When this alcohol comes in contact with germs, it denatures the molecular structure of cell proteins and effectively kills them. The alcohol then evaporates and the special emollient remains on your skin leaving it moisturized, soft and germ-free.

1. Unique Formulation
– kills both transient and resident microorganisms
– Non-allergenic
– No skin irritation
– Spearmint fragranced

2. 100% Pure, Natural Emollient
– restores lost moisture to prevent drying
– Protects the skin

* Hospital Grade
* Approved by KKM (Health Ministry Malaysia)