This all-rounder is perfect for travellers from all over the world who mainly travel with USB devices.

This adapter is suitable for all devices with the following plug types:

This adapter is compatible with the following socket types:


  • 2x USB ports enable simultaneous charging of your smartphone and tablet, while the adapter can be used with an unearthed device at the same time
  • Applicable worldwide: USA, Japan, Australia, China, in most European countries such as United Kingdom, Germany, France, Greece, Finland, Norway, Sweden and in more than 200 other countries.
  • Appealing compact shape
  • Suitable for equipment with unearthed plugs (2-pole)
  • Dual USB port for charging USB devices
  • Input voltage: 100 V – 250 V
  • Max. load: 2.5 A
  • USB output: 5 V / 2400 mA shared
  • Does not convert voltage