GLASSLOCK is made from tempered glass, our Glasslock Food & Drink
Storage are manufactured to withstand repetitive use in refrigerator,
freezer and microwave.

Description :
– Tempered glass with lid.
– Excellent hardness and durability, which has a shock resistance up to 3-
– 5 times harder than normal glass.
– Comfortable easy to use Noodle Mug is mad with ergonomically
– designed handle.
– Microwavable (Not for Lid) ; Freezer/Fridge safe and dishwasher safe.
– Convenience kitchenware ; Goes directly from freezer to microwave.
– Odor-free ; Stain free-easy to wash.
– Temperature resistant from -20O to 120O C.
– Eco-friendly ; Recyclable ; 100% BPA free

500ml x1 500g (12 x 12 x 11.5cm)