Rise of Corporate Gifts in Philippines

In the Philippines, there holds a Corporate Giveaway Expo. The event start years ago but only started gaining interest and popularity over the past two years. The organizer of the event, Racquel Romero, states that currently in the Philippines, more people are getting into corporate gifting. The corporate businesses are seeing it as an alternative to billboards, conventional advertising and marketing techniques. Corporate gifts are seen as a marketing and advertising technique with a modern spin that takes on functionality, usability and likeability of a gift.


In the Philippines, it is estimated that over PHP1.85 billion is used on advertising alone. Whereas, in digital media accounting the number reaches PHP345 million. All in all,  total media advertising is rising by 4% in the Philippines.


In the surveys conducted for Philippine’s corporate gifting industry, they note that 89% of consumers (or recipients of corporate gifts) had brand recall. This refers to the consumer being aware and able to recognize the brand, based on their memory of the corporate gift. 50% of consumers also note to keeping these corporate gifts for an average of three years. 50% of consumers also states that they use their conventional and technological corporate gifts at least once a week.


But most shockingly pleasing of all is the fact that 89% of consumers (or recipients of corporate gifts) actually claim to conducting business with the company that had gifted them with these corporate gifts. This number is a higher and more staggering number in comparison to other countries such as the United States of America and United Kingdom. This makes the Philippines as one of the most rapidly growing corporate gift industries in the world, currently.


Corporate Giveaways Expo is an annual expo that reveals companies and their corporate gifts. 40% of the bulk of these corporate gifts are conventional such as mugs, pens, notebooks, umbrellas and so on. The other 60% range from dining options to technological corporate gifts. It has also been announced that this year, eco-friendly corporate gifts will be introduced, in an effort to gain awareness of climate change.


The expo will run from June 13th to June 17th 2017 in the Philippines. It has been said that corporate gifts have been used in the Philippines before, but more of as traditional and cultural practice. However now, it is growing into an marketing industry.

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