Techonological vs Conventional Corporate Gifts

In corporate gifting, there are usually two main categories that your gift may fall into : technological or conventional. Both categories have their pros and cons. But it is up to the company to weigh upon the advantages and disadvantages of both categories to make the right decision.


Technological (USB Drives, Earphones, Bluetooth Speakers Power Adapter, Chargers)


Advantages :


The prime advantage of technological gifts are that they are according to the new digital age. These gifts are advanced, regardless of how small they are, and they are well suited for our new generation. With the rise in digitality and technology, it just makes sense to well-equip your partner, client, employee or supplier with a technological gift.


Another upside to technological gifts are their portability and their ability to be used at any place and at any time. This applies to obviously not all technological gifts (such as wired speakers) but it can apply to most of the others. Therefore, it allows the recipient to make good use of the gift. And if it happens that your logo, of the company, is on the gift, then a good portion of advertising is already called for.


Disadvantages :


Unfortunately the disadvantage with this could be pricing. It truly does depend on your budget and how far and elaborate you would like the gift to be. But with particular technological gifts, the price-tag can get a little steep. And with mass production, the costs may be more trouble that you are willing, or wanting, to handle.


Conventional (pens, apparel, office accessories (pen holder), clock, business card holder)


Advantages :

An advantage of conventional gifts are that they are tried and true gifts. This refers to them being gifts that have been given before and enjoyed by a large amount of people. It is a traditional gift, with more relevancy. Therefore there is not much that go wrong with these conventional gifts. It is what people expect and it does not disappoint.


Another advantage to conventional gifts are that they are efficient and cheap. Some conventional gifts (apparel and office supplies [pens]) are useful in everyday life. Plus, they get good exposure to different people making a good marketing and advertising plan (albeit the company logo be on the gifts).


Disadvantages :


Just like anything traditional, it can get boring. That is one downside to conventional gifts : it is almost always been done before. With that, the constant redundancy and repetition could cause your gift to lack originality and excitability (for the recipient).


Another disadvantage is the lack of gift utilisation in different scenarios. For example, there is no way an office accessory (desk business card holder) can be applied or implemented in anything else but the office. Therefore, you have a single-use gift that could be deemed boring, or relatively useless, for the recipient.


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