Who Else Can I Give Corporate Gifts to?

Corporate gifts, as we know it, are usually gifts targeted to the client, the employee and prospective clients. But is that the extent of the list of who we can give corporate gifts to? That all depends on your objective.When giving corporate gifts, there are some enquiries that need to be answered.


Firstly, why am I giving this person a corporate gift? What is my objective for this corporate gift? This is a significant question because you do not want to be aimlessly throwing out gifts. These gifts need to be non-corrupted (not used as a means of bribery or exchange of illegal trade) and they need to have a reason. Your reason could be to get closer to the recipient, get business with the recipient, show my appreciation and so on so forth.


Secondly, am I allowed to give this person a corporate gift? Many companies have a definite and decisive policy on corporate gifts. Therefore it is up to you to investigate if your corporate gift will/can be accepted by the recipient.


With these two questions answered and spoken for, here are a bunch of other people that you can send corporate gifts to.


  1. Supplier/Partner/Investor


Corporate gifts can be given internally as well (within the company) and that does not necessarily mean the employees. Employees are one part of the entire system, that makes up the company. Corporate gifts can be given to your suppliers (if you are a company that produces goods specifically). It can be given to partners, to show your gratitude for their assistance and support in building up the business. It can also be given to investors (but only if they are already investors and not prospective).


  1. University/Schools


Donations, from a company, to a university or school is considered just as much a corporate gift as all else. This is because the money is coming from the company and the business, as opposed to a single individual. Even if the CEO is donating the money, it is with the company’s money.


  1. Organizations


Organizations, from non-profit to profit, are applicable for corporate gifts too. And more and more companies are taking up corporate gifts for organization. Some do it for improving the wellbeing of the community and some do it for aiding in an organization that could be used to align with other companies.


  1. Other Companies

This is, in a sense, similar to partners and investors. If it comes to a point where a business is looking for other companies to align with, work with and support, then corporate gifts could be a good welcoming token.

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