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    Liberate the way you use you smartphone! Liberty is one of the most useful smartphone accessories around. Turn your mobile phone into a RFID blocking credit card wallet and the integrated ring allows you to comfortably hold your smartphone and use it in ways you would have never imagined. Compatible with all smartphones. The special 3M adhesive offers a strong attachment to your smartphone or phone case.

    RFID Card Holder: Holds any card sized 85 x 55 mm: smart entry cards, public transport cards, bank card, ID cards, business cards etc. Keeps your cards protected from RF readers or mobile apps capable of electronic theft.

    • Size: 95 x 63 x 8.5 mm

    • Logo Size: 5 X 14 mm

    • Kickstand: Watch your favourite movies. Ring rotates 360 degrees & swivels 180 degrees.

    • Secure grip: The ring allows you to comfortably and naturally grip your smart device and use it in entirely new ways.

    Product Dimension95 x 63 x 8.5 mm
    • Stock: In Stock
    • Model: LIBERTY
    • Dimensions: 95.00mm x 63.00mm x 8.50mm